Focus Area

Our focus can be summarised in the following areas:


Market Research

We help our clients to understand current trend and business phenomena through logical approaches to analysis of key issues:


  1. Market Sizing
  2. Retail Audit & Channel Development
  3. Marketing Development Research


  1. Brand Studies
  2. Marketing Communication
  3. Product Development, Packaging and Pricing
Focus Area Photos

Macro and Social Research

Macro and Social Research has never been more challenging to accomplish. We at 3sixty have the right approach and criteria to reach the desired outcomes. We cover a wide range of sectors:

Socioeconomic Research

  1. Labor market research
  2. Income distribution
  3. Health and mortality
  4. Child and women
  5. Urban distribution
  6. Education
  7. Trade and commerce

Third Party Monitoring

  1. Baseline surveys
  2. Service distribution Third Party Monitoring
  3. Post distribution survey

Media Research

A) Communication Effectiveness:

  1. Determines effectiveness of media campaigns

Media Preference:

  1. identifies most preferred medium of communication
  2. determines most preferred outlets withing each medium of communication
  3. optimum viewership and listenership timing

B) Media Monitoring